Tom Veg

About Me

My name is Tomislav (Tom) Veg. I was born in Croatia. I am professional 3D digital sculptor, character artist and 3D animator working freelance. I create digital portrait sculptures for 3D printing and other uses. I create stylized 3D characters that are rigged and ready to be used in game engines, and i create animations for characters. I am publisher on Unity Asset Store, CG Trader and Sketchfab store.

With my skills i cover 2 areas

I create game ready 3D characters and animations for your game projects.
I create 3D printable portraits and sculptures

-For game development i cover:
Creating characters for your projects based on concept art you provide, or i can concept design them myself. I provide final product you can use in your game. Characters can be low poly, with full PBR textures (color map, normal map, spec map, emission map etc). Characters can be rigged including facial controls. I create character animations based on your desires and project needs.

-3D printing:
I create realistic 3D portrait sculptures that can be 3D printed, molded and used in mass production if you need. Other then portrait i can sculpt anything organic. Animals, monsters, aliens. I can work with your concept art or i can concept design them myself. I modify your existing 3D sculptures and i also do 3D scan cleanups.

Software i’m proficient with: ZBrush, Maya, Blender, Photoshop, Substance painter, Unity.

I am publisher on
Unity Asset Store
CG Trader
Sketchfab store

Contact for hire:

Tom Veg 3D self portrait
Political caricatures mega pack

Where my Work has Been Used

There are many examples. I will feature only few. Here is game called Blood of Patriots with my stylized political caricatures. On this game I actively worked with an awesome young team of developers from 12to6 studios on creation of animations and political characters. The game is a 1990’s style arcade fight game, available on Steam and all mobile devices.

Another example is a bit unusual, since the model was primarily made for 3D printing. My bust portrait of Mr. Trump was used in this satirical video during the 2016 US elections. The video was made by director Mike Diva, and it collected more than 10 million views.