Low poly, game ready 3D caricature of Boris Johnson. Rig in T-pose is Unity humanoid mecanim ready. Rig contains additional skinned bones that can be used for facial animations.

Purchase Boris on CG Trader: Boris Johnson

Purchase Boris on Unity Asset Store: Boris Johnson Unity

Textures are PBR 4K in png format. Can be reduced to 1K without significant decrease to quality. Color map and normal map are included.

Included in pack:
-Maya 2016 files. Rigged in T-pose and animation. Material in maya is not created. Textures for that are provided in textures folder.
-PBR textures 4K png. Color map, normal map and roughness map.
-FBX files of T-posed model and animation.
-Obj file in T-pose with UV map in case you want to rig model yourself.
-Unity pack files

Two sample animations are included in pack.

Boris is part of my mega pack of 32 stylized politicians.

Mega pack on CG Trader: Mega pack CGT

Mega pack on Unity Asset Store: Mega pack Unity

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