Sititng Bull

Breakdown of my portrait sculpting process in ZBrush

Breakdown of my portrait sculpting process in ZBrush. Entire process in 6 part live videos is available at my youtube channel.

0) gathering reference photos. It is very important to gather good reference photos. If possible when creating celebrity i collect screenshots from one event (movie, music video etc). That way i ensure person is recorded at same age. But sometimes that is not possible (like in case of our Sitting Bull here), so i use what ever i can find.

1) Starting from a sphere. This time i did it that way only to showcase the process, but in production i usually use base pre-sculpted low res head to speed up the process.

2) Shaping the head, sculpting where the eyes, nose and mouth will be. I’m not concerned with likeness at this point. This stage is usually skipped with usage of pre-sculpted base head.

3) Adding ears and starting to work on the likness. Reference photos are on my second monitor. Very useful to have two monitors for portrait sculpting.

4) Working on likeness more and starting to create bust.

5) Started to work on the hair and the braids.

6) Once i estimate work on likness is almost completed, i start working on micro details such are wrinkles

7) Finalizing the sculpt

8) Final render. You can see more angles and purchase the model here: