Caricature of former US vice president Dick Cheney. Rig is created for humanoid Mecanim system. Textures are PBR 4K. Model is 7100 polygons, 7200 vertices.

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Purchase Dick Cheney on Unity Asset Store: Dick UAS

Textures are 4K pbr. Color map, normal map, AO map and spec map are included. Textures can be reduced to 1K without significant loss in quality.

One custom animation as in video is included.

Included in pack:
-Maya LT 2017 files with Rigged Dick in T-pose, and animation as individual Maya file.
-FBX files with rigged T-posed Dick and animation as individual FBX. FBX files are exported from Maya.
-OBJ file in T-pose in case you want to rig him yourself.
-Unity 2017.1.0f3 pack
-Textures 4K in PNG format.

In case you are interested in more politicians, you can check my mega pack of 32 politicians which includes Dick:

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Purhcase mega pack on Unity Asset Store: Politicians mega pack UAS

He is also part of smaller pack of 11 politicians:

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